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About Us | Ryan Ramage, Esq Attorney at Law Uniontown, OH

Welcome to Ryan Ramage, Esq Attorney at Law

Our services are centrally located in Uniontown, making us highly accessible to a wide variety of clients throughout Akron, Ohio, and the surrounding communities. With friendly hours and a prime location, we take pride in being able to easily serve our clients without forcing them to make special accommodations in their own schedules.

An Excellent Record Defending Accused Criminals

One of our biggest areas of success over the past several years has been criminal trials. We built our firm on the belief that everyone should have a fair trial with excellent representation, and we’ve turned those beliefs into a long record of courtroom successes. We’ve taken on cases big and small, including those involving alleged felonies, and we’ve managed to achieve success even when working with the biggest cases.

Probate Services are Another Area of Expertise

In addition to our well-regarded experience in criminal defense, we also offer a number of probate services that help to provide closure in the event of a loved one’s death. We handle the filing of any last will and testament, and we’ll be there to ensure that all assets are fairy distributed according to that document. Our services help to prevent a number of nasty disputes among surviving family members, and we take pride in our ability to offer closure.

About Ryan Ramage, Esq Attorney at Law

At Ryan Ramage, Esquire, we’re a dedicated team of legal professionals who are dedicated to giving excellent representation in a wide variety of cases. We’ve been serving the Akron area of Ohio for the past several years, and we’ve quickly earned a reputation as one of the most formidable forces in the city’s courtrooms. From criminal defense to probate services, we’ve got a number of critical bases covered.

We Take Pride in Providing Fair Representation

One of our driving forces is the belief that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and everyone deserves a fair trial with absolutely outstanding representation. It is this belief that has driven us since we opened our doors, and it very easily explains why we’ve been able to take on major felony cases while still enjoying a great record of success.

Simply put, many of those who have been accused of a crime are simply not guilty. They must fight lawyers, public, perceptions, juries, and judges, to prove otherwise. With our help, that’s one area where they are sure to succeed.

Beyond Criminal Trials, a Commitment to Probate Law

While criminal defense is certainly one of our biggest areas of expertise, we also enjoy helping those who need to draft and file a will and testament. Most people easily forget that a lawyer is one of the best allies to have when it comes to filing a will and eventually distributing its assets, and we make sure they won’t experience any nasty surprises or disputes when that happens.

A Well-Rounded Akron Law Firm

More than anything, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer excellent legal services to clients in several areas. We consider ourselves a successful, well-rounded law firm and we look forward to serving new clients each day.